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Meet The Avpro Helicopter Experts at the annuel Heli-Expo: Emmanuel Dupuy - AgustaWesland Emmanuel heads the Avpro helicopter division. Emmanuel began his aircraft sales career a decade ago; founding Heli Asset in 2011 and joining forces with Avpro in 2013 thus creating the world's leading independent helicopter sales and Acquisition Company. Emmanuel is fluent in both English and French. Valerie Pereira - Bell Helicopter Valerie offers a unique and in-depth knowledge of sales and acquisitions; as well as the operational, technical and economic aspects of helicopter ownership. Valerie began her career in aviation as an international researcher for AMSTAT, subsequently moving into a research/sales support role for Regourd Aviation, followed by executive sales director for the Bell Helicopter market at Heli-Asset. Valerie is fluent in five languages; English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian. William Sturm - Airbus William Sturm is a business aviation specialist who has worked in all facets of the industry. He has managed aircraft fleets for major international corporations, and as a consultant he has assisted many companies and individuals acquire and sell more than $500 million worth of aircraft in all corners of the globe. Through superior customer service and beneficial long term relations, we offer impeccable performance, integrity, and reputation. Whether you are selling, acquiring or just considering your options, contact us today for your in-depth expert market analysis.   Performance. Integrity. Reputation.Avpro, Inc. was formed in 1991 by Don Bass, Chris Ellis and Bob Rabbitt. As Managing Partners of Avpro, they continue to be directly involved in all facets of the sales and acquisitions processes. Avpro is the largest corporate aircraft brokerage and acquisition firm worldwide averaging $1 billion in retail sales annually, typically involving more than 100 transactions per year. Avpro was one of the leaders in changing the traditional role of an aircraft broker into one whom consults and educates their clients with an information driven approach.


I just wanted to pass along a comment that I never fully realized the potential of the interview in the video. It had a positive impact on a potential buyer of our aircraft. The potential buyer recognized our pilot from the video produced and this broke the ice in initial introductions and meetings. It became a great talking piece afterwards.

I see the value in the personal touch of the video but even more so now, with the ability to recognize the seller in advance and personally.

Thank you for all that you have done for our operation.

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