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2009 Airbus EC135 T2+
S/N: 763     VH-BBU

EC135s from Avpro, Inc. on Vimeo.

Contact: William Sturm

Aircraft Listing Details:

Price: Call For Pricing
Total Hours: 1163
Total Landings: 1911

Engine Manufacturer: Turbomeca Arrius 2B2

Engine 1 Engine 2

Total Hours: 1163 1163

Aircraft Highlights

  • SP / DP IFR
  • NVG Compatible Cockpit Layout
  • Fixed Parts for Emergency Floats
  • EMS Oxygen System



  • Digital Automatic Flight Control System (DAFCS)
  • Auto-Pilot Module: SFIM APM 2000
  • Auto-Pilot Flight Control: SFIM APMS 2010
  • Bendix / King KTR 908 VHF Comm
  • Bendix / King KNR 634A VOR / LOC / GS Nav
  • Chelton DF-431B ADF
  • ATC Transponder Mode ‘S' Bendix / King MST 67A
  • Stability Augmentation System Computer: SFIM SAS 2000**
  • AHRU: SFIM 420-00332-460
  • Chelton CDM-451 DME
  • FreeFlight TNL 2101 I/O + GPS Receiver
  • Thales ADU 3000
  • Bendix / King KRA 405B Radio Altimeter
  • Smart Multifunction Display: Thales SMD-45H
  • Instrument Control Panel: Thales ICP NVG
  • Flight Control Display Unit: Thales FCDM
  • Caution and Advisory Display: Thales CAD
  • ARTEX C406-N HM ELT with NAV option
  • Fixed Emergency Location Transmitter: ARTEX C406-N HM

Features & Options

  • Emergency Floatation Gear - Fixed Parts
  • External Loud Speaker with Siren - Fixed Parts
  • Tactical Radio - Provisions
  • NVG Compatible Cockpit Layout
  • NVG Compatible Cockpit and Cargo Compartment Lighting
  • NVG Compatible External Lighting
  • NVG Formation Lights
  • 400W NVG Compatible Searchlight
  • Heated Co-Pilot Static System
  • Upper, Lower and Skid Wire Strike Protection System (WSPS)
  • Dual Windshield Wipers with Wire Strike Deflector
  • Engine Chip Detector ‘Fuzz Burner'
  • Engine Compressor Washing Facility
  • Sliding Window Vents in Sliding Cabin Doors
  • Pilot and Co-Pilot Illuminated Chart Holder
  • Fuel Flow Meter Installation
  • Engine Sand Filter Fixed Provisions and Removable Parts
  • Additional Power Sockets for EMS Kit on Centre Console
  • Washable Cockpit, Cabin and Cargo Compartment Floor Covering
  • Sliding Door Open Door Restraint with Mid and Max Positions
  • Jettisonable Cockpit Doors
  • 12-Volt Electrical Outlet
  • Reinforced Rear Cross Tube
  • Track & Balance Accelerometers
  • Stability Augmentation System (SAS)
  • Keith Bleed Air Heating System
  • 40Ah Battery Upgrade
  • 200 Amp Starter Generator Upgrade
  • Boarding Step Illumination
  • Removable Tinted Sun Shades
  • Self-Sealing Engine Fuel Supply Tank


  • High Back Seat with Fixed Height Headrest
  • 4-Point Crew / 3-Point Passenger with Lap Strap And Shoulder Harness
  • Removable Floor Panels with Removable Floor Covering
  • Push-Out Cabin Windows
  • Enlarged Cabin Footstep
  • EMS Oxygen System


Overall Red with White Accent Striping.


Specifications Subject To Verification upon Inspection. Aircraft Subject To Prior Sale or Withdrawal from Market.
Spec last edited: 10/17/17

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